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mini mermaid running club



Coaches for the program are volunteers from within the community who donate their time, and energy to guide the girls from Kindergarten - 12th Grade over the course of six weeks. Coaches are provided with a training, coaches handbook with lesson plan style content for each of the 12 sessions and all supplemental supplies needed. Girls will learn tools to navigate life as they discover how to love themselves just as they are AND learn to hear their inner critic and how to quiet her down. They will also learn how to listen to their strong, courageous inner voice as they stand up for themselves AND others. 


Practices are spent writing, drawing and playing games to emphasize the curricular goals of the week.  Girls spend time running every practice to build their fitness to culminate their Mini Mermaid session with a 5k graduation run.  Girls receive a journal for reflection and to document their personal goals.  


Program Includes: 

- Twelve 1.5 hour coached sessions over six weeks

- Mini Mermaid T-shirt

- Mini Mermaid completion medal

- Journal for each girl



Cost per Mini Mermaid / Young Triton: 

Using the data from each school, we identify the cost of Mini Mermaids based on each schools percentage of students qualifying for free or reduced lunch. In order to determine the cost for your school, find the percentage as reported from your school (if you don't know, email and she can quickly help) listed below and you will see the cost per student for Mini Mermaids. The fees can come from each student, from the school, or from fundraising. 


















Please email if you have any questions. 





Need to register your Mini Mermaid? The registration process is completed at each individual MMRC location. Please contact the site coordinator at your child’s school or location to access site-specific information including the online registration process, registration fees, deadlines, and practice schedules. If you need contact information for your location, please email us at  




If a Mini Mermaid registers for MMRC after the registration deadline is passed, late fees will apply to cover the additional costs of adding a participant. The fees vary based on location: $20 handling charge + the cost of shipping to the school/location.





If a registered Mini Mermaid decides not to participate in the program for any reason, the girl’s parent/guardian is responsible for contacting MMRC to inform them of the change. MMRC will issue a 50% refund if a girl drops the program up to 2 weeks before the session has begun. If she drops two weeks prior to the session's start or after, no refund will be issued. If a site is canceled due to insufficient registration or other circumstances, the full registration fee will be refunded.







Enlist a Coach This could be YOU, yes you. NO running experience required, WE PROMISE. You are qualified because A) You're an adult over 18 B) You want to invest in girls and their personal development. C) You pass a background check via Verified Volunteers. A coach can be a teacher, a sister, a mom, a coach or a community member. One - two volunteer coach(es) can lead a team of up to 10 - 12 girls. We will train you and prepare you for your coaching adventure. 




Locate your practice site. Your practice area could be your child's school, a park, community center, church or the sidewalks of your neighborhood.




Recruit Mini Mermaids. With support and resources from MMRC, spread the word and get your group of Mini Mermaids signed up and excited. Our easy-to-use online registration system makes this step a breeze for coaches and parents.




Receive your supplies & training. MMRC supplies everything you need to implement the program. Our flexible and user-friendly virtual training provides you with a comprehensive curriculum overview and the tools you need to have a successful experience.


STEP 5: 


Dive in! Start your 6-week journey of learning, growing, challenging, training and ultimately discovering the finish line is just the beginning!





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