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We distinguish ourselves through our curriculum with character-driven stories helping children identify with a fictional character and their choices to see how they can shift their behavior.


Mini Mermaid Running Club is changing the lives of children by shifting their internal experience and the way they interact with the world around them. We invite girls and their coaches to have open, authentic conversations about their thoughts and feelings, to discover self-compassion and empathy for others, find their unique strengths as well as identify goals and establish tangible steps to achieve those goals. 


We are redefining what the typical constructs of strength are by exploring heart, mind, AND body strength, examining what we each can teach and learn. We are breaking traditional barriers to movement by addressing each child where they are, encouraging them to find their happy pace as an important step to lifelong-balanced fitness. 


Throughout all of 5 curriculums, girls and coaches learn to distinguish between two voices we all hear and struggle to differentiate. Mini Mermaid represents our strongest self; the voice in our hearts and minds which speak bravery and truth no matter the circumstances. Siren represents the muddled, confusing messages we hear from the world around us and inside our heart and mind. How we tell the difference between these two voices and how we make choices once we have recognized which voice we are listening to are the tools we teach. We utilize movement, running and racing a 5k to facilitate these conversations and open the door for vulnerability and bravery. 

The following are our four curriculums with the same six-week model: Head, Heart, Hands, Belly, Legs and Feet 

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C1. Finding Your Own Voice - Self Discovery.
Girls learn to listen to their inner voice and use tools to navigate the world where truth and lies often sound the same. We teach girls how to tell the difference between the two voices we often hear, inherent truth (Mini Mermaid) and muddled messages (Siren). 


C2. Loving Yourself No Matter What - Self Worth.
Girls learn to love themselves and to recognize and be proud of all they have accomplished. Each of us has attributes to be proud of and we each have attributes we want to work on, learning how to stand up and offer help AND ask for help is critical in making balanced choices for a lifetime. 


C3. Writing Your Own Story - Your words are powerful.

Girls use powerful words to stand up for themselves and others. We focus specifically on anti-bullying techniques and tools to live in a world driven by social media. 


C4. Choosing Your Tribe - Building your community.

Girls learn the importance of choosing friends wisely. Knowing that peer influence is a leading indicator of decision making, we show the girls how to use the tools they have learned to build the tribe that will help them become the young women they deserve to be. 


Team Mermaid - For Teens 11 - 15 years

How can we teach older girls to fail through life's disappointing and stressful moments & take teen Mermaids on a journey to see what’s hidden within them similarly to what we do with Mini Mermaids? Team Mermaid does just that. Our curriculum helps teen Mermaids understand that things like failing, being rejected, making big social mistakes, and feeling betrayed, are a part of life. These are not things that MIGHT happen but WILL happen at some point in their lives. Navigating these moments in life requires tools and strategies to learn how to fail forward and create a more authentic self. Failing forward builds inner courage, inner strength, self-confidence, and the willingness to keep doing the hard work to be everything they can dream of.



All of our curriculums were written by teams of volunteer women from the community. The teams include; Teachers, Administrators, Therapists, Executives, Mothers, Millenials, Lawyers, Community Advocates, AND Mini Mermaids

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