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"Research shows that if we raise the status of women and girls, we raise the status of an entire community. This is true globally. As the mother of two daughters,  I fervently desire that EVERY girl has the opportunity to thrive in every possible way. Mini Mermaid Running Club provides a toolkit for girls to thrive. And that's good for everybody in the community, boys and girls, men and women alike."

Irene Lorraine Tsouprake Holombo

MMRC Board Member



Believing that straight lines are beautiful but meant to be colored outside of, Irene colors all over the page and onto the walls at every chance. She's done stints at wildland firefighting, journalism, motherhood, small business development, acting, motherhood again, larger business development for several start ups (EVP), corporate meetings and events (CEO), yes-motherhood AGAIN, writing, congress briefing, Gross National Happiness advocating, and finally, living with and for purpose.


Grateful for each of these experiences, she's committed to a new business paradigm, one that marries profit to purpose and helps companies expand the indicators by which they measure success beyond quarterly profits. Irene recently performed a one-woman show about Judy Garland, is a triathlete, and also curates and organizes TEDxSantaCruz. She currently works as a business consultant and executive speech writer/speaker coach.




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