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Welcome to the

Chula Vista


for Mini Mermaid

Running Club


What is Mini Mermaid Running Club?

• A unique after school running club for elementary and middle school girls

• A six week program with workouts twice a week, finishing with the completion of a local 5k race.

• An AWESOME opportunity to boost fitness, resiliency, confidence, self-advocacy, and self-empowerment in the girls of the 
Chula Vista community!

What is our Mission?

• To bring the important message of Mini Mermaid Running Club to every girl in the world!

• To teach every girl to lead a healthy life by listening to her inner voice, valuing her uniqueness, learning to love movement,
and discovering that the finish line is just the beginning.

• To give girls the tools they need to quiet the lies and mixed messages that society can impress upon young women in today’s
popular culture.


How did Mini Mermaids come to Chula Vista?

• With the help of Mayor Cox and Staff, Walmart, the Chula Vista Elementary School District , we were able to implement the inaugural Chula Vista Mini Mermaids Running Club at Hilltop and Lauderbach elementary schools with great success. Last May, nearly 100 girls completed the program, culminating their running the Chula Vista Community Fun Run at the Olympic Training Center.

• Our goal is to have Mini Mermaids in ALL Chula Vista schools grades k-8 and with a donation from Mayor Cox's office of $5000 we can match those funds through the community and reach DOUBLE the girls we did last year, are you in? 

Now, Chula Vista!

Its time to spread the word through the your community!



How can you start a club at your school?

• Email us at and we will walk you through the steps to start a club at YOUR school!


How else can you help?

• Donate through PayPal directly to the Chula Vista community by using this link!

A $75 donation covers the cost for one girl to complete our program! 

Our goal to to match the $5000 donation from Mayor Cox's office to ensure programming expands and STAYS in Chula Vista!




Through this video we get to witness what the mini mermaid running club program its all about. We have the unique opportunity to take a peek into the lives of these girls and their transformation through the program.


Check out the press response to MMRC’s launch in Chula Vista by clicking here!


To learn more about the mini mermaid running club program email us or visit

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