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mini mermaid running club

MMRC (Mini Mermaid Running Club) est 2009, 501 ©(3), empowers girls and women to establish and achieve goals, as well as be kind, authentic voices among their peers and in their communities. With five themed curriculums, MMRC does this through a holistic approach, teaching physical movement and healthy habits as well as self-esteem, empathy, peaceful conflict resolution, and leadership through a unique storytelling curriculum, games, and guided reflection. Girls and women learn to broaden the definition of strength beyond the physical and to discover the finish line of the race is just the beginning of their journey.

Mini Mermaids harnesses the collective power of communities to lift up, support and propel our kids forward and build stronger communities.


We are changing the lives of girls and boys by shifting their internal experience and the way they interact with the world around them with the ultimate outcome of building strong communities. Mini Mermaids curriculum is deeply focused on the realization of one's worth, their connection to the world around them, and the ability to advocate for oneself and others. Utilizing games, small group settings, multi-generational role models, exercise, and journal reflection, we know based on our nine years of programming that a woman and/or girls ability to stand up for themselves increases as a result of participating in Mini Mermaid Running Club.


An ideal impact Mini Mermaids has in someone’s life is their ability to establish and reach goals that enable them to build strong communities. With that discovery of strength, heart, mind, and body we believe women and girls will begin to redefine their roles and how they can make a difference in the world around them. By broadening the traditional perception of strength to include heart, mind, and body, we believe an outcome of children learning this at a young age will encourage them to be more connected to their communities, to their neighbors, to those in need and ultimately build stronger communities. When children learn resilience and have exposure to mentors keeping them grounded and accountable, those children can see new paths for their future. Knowing their capacity and having a strong sense of self-efficacy, they are more likely to become contributing members of their community. Raising compassionate, caring, resilient leaders will help all of our communities thrive.




MMRC, Mini Mermaid Running Club, est 2009, 501 ©(3) is a California not for profit organization. 


We stand for dignity for ourselves and others and believe providing a platform for children to find their unique voice and form of movement will foster a lifelong habit of self-care. We stand for potential, for unleashing human capacity and know that when a young girl is told she can reach her goals and dreams with hard work and perseverance, she will believe it too.

Mini Mermaid Running Club’s mission is to teach every girl to lead a balanced life by listening to her inner voice, valuing her uniqueness, learning to love movement and discovering the finish line is just the beginning

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