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mini mermaid running club



How do we help our all children to grow up strong and confident in a world that provides ample opportunity for them to feel torn down?


Bullying, cyber-bullying, constant digital access, isolation, feeling over-stressed, and a lack of resilience can create a spin cycle of self-doubt.  Finding easy to implement, data-based after-school programs that empower kids can be challenging.  That’s where we come in: Our curriculums help kids find their voices and cultivates self-empowerment, no matter what kind of spin life throws at them.

"I believe those things that break our hearts have the capacity to break us wide open, leaving us more compassionate and often changing us for the better.  As a young girl, I struggled with my sense of self-worth and value. Years of internal dialogue with my inner critic produced lots of broken bits inside my heart. I found physical movement and running later in life, I quickly discovered the relationship between moving my body and the ability to hear my inner voice, the one that stands for bravery, courage, and strength. As my body became physically stronger,  I slowly unwound the crazy storylines that were holding me back and got to the truth of who I was...and who I was becoming. So In 2009, I set out with an incredible team including Megan Tresham (who, along with her daughter Kalen, were the inspiration for Mini Mermaids) to figure out how we could provide a program that could do the same for ALL girls…and TA-DA: MINI MERMAID was born!" - Heidi Boynton, Co-Founder/Director Mini Mermaid/Young Tritons Running Club







Our mission is to teach every person to lead a healthy life by listening to their inner voice, valuing their uniqueness, learning to love movement and discovering the finish line is just the beginning. 




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