Mini Mermaids curriculum is:

A journey of self-discovery, confidence-building, and goal-setting. to help girls learn how to process big feelings in life. Mermaids learn how to recognize & amplify their inner champion voice silence their inner critic so they are prepared to reach for and achieve their dreams and goals. 



Through a unique curriculum incorporating movement, journaling, goal setting, and group activities, Mermaids learn how to articulate their feelings, reduce anxiety,  stand up for themselves and others, ask for help, offer help, and set steps to reach their goals.


Girls struggle with stress, anxiety, and oftentimes lack of safe opportunities to build resilience. We want to see every child be successful and be ready to deal with any spin life throws them - which is why we’ve developed Mini Mermaid Running Club. Growing healthy and balanced kids using movement and social-emotional learning is at the heart of our curriculum. 


What is social-emotional learning (SEL)? The process through which we learn tools, and skills necessary to understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions. In other a full, productive, & connected life. 

 We use running as a catalyst for deeper conversations with girls, and as a result, while working to reach a goal, they will build up their heart, mind, and body strength.


Mini Mermaid Running Club, est, 2009 was started in Santa Cruz, California by Megan Tresham & Heidi Boynton. Megan found her own love of movement through running and wanted to share the joy of discovering the finish line is just the beginning with her young daughter. Heidi Boynton coached women (grown-up Mermaids) the very lessons that would translate to Megan's daughter. Those lessons could help her and her peers navigate the inherent challenges we all face. Megan knew that raising up a daughter to be confident, resilient, courageous and brave enough to work hard for her dreams and goals takes focus and intention. Together with a team of amazing writers Mini Mermaid and her story of strength (heart, mind, body) and resilience were born into Mini Mermaid Running Club. Since 2009, thousands of kids (including boys, check out Young Tritons Running Club) around the world have learned the power of moving their bodies, standing up for themselves and having empathy for others. 





Using a curriculum including instructions, lists of activities, objectives, workouts and journal exercises, adults guide girls through twelve sessions leading up to a 5k run or walk. Girls learn self-compassion for self & others, resilience to navigate failure & success, as well as the confidence to reach dreams & goals, through the lens of two characters, Mini Mermaid & Siren. They each represent the two voices we hear in the world and in our own hearts. Telling the difference between the two leads to clarity and mindfulness which leads to greater self-compassion and empathy. We teach the girls the value of exercise and moving their bodies regardless of their size, shape or ability. The workouts are not focused on being first or running fast, but rather on each girl finding HER OWN PACE so that they can run THEIR OWN RACE.





Finding Your Own Voice - Self Discovery. 

Girls learn to listen to their inner voice and use tools to navigate the world where truth and lies often sound the same. We teach girls how to tell the difference between the two voices we often hear, inherent truth (Mini Mermaid) and muddled messages (Siren). Shop now. 


Loving Yourself No Matter What - Self Worth.

Girls learn to love themselves and to recognize and be proud of all they have accomplished. Each of us has attributes to be proud of and we each have attributes we want to work on, learning how to stand up and offer help AND ask for help is critical in making balanced choices for a lifetime. Shop now. 


Writing Your Own Story - Your words are powerful.

Girls use powerful words to stand up for themselves and others. We focus specifically on anti-bullying techniques and tools to live in a world driven by social media. Shop now. 


Choosing Your Tribe - Building your community.

Girls learn the importance of choosing friends wisely. Knowing that peer influence is a leading indicator of decision making, we show the girls how to use the tools they have learned to build the tribe that will help them become the young women they deserve to be. Shop now.  


{Team mermaid for 11 _to 15-year-olds 


How can we teach older girls to fail through life's disappointing and stressful moments & take teen Mermaids on a journey to see what’s hidden within them similarly to what we do with Mini Mermaids? By helping teens understand that things like failing, being rejected, making big social mistakes, and feeling betrayed, are a part of life. These are not things that MIGHT happen but WILL happen at some point in their lives. Navigating these moments in life requires tools and strategies to learn how to fail forward and create a more authentic self. Failing forward builds inner courage, inner strength, self-confidence, and the willingness to keep doing the hard work to be everything they can dream of. Shop now. 



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Mini Mermaid Running Club.  Self-development program for girls.