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Get started on your Young Triton journey with this complete kit including all you need for a team of 10 Young Tritons and a coach. 


Curriculum 2 "Our Tribe - Belonging", in our series of 3 teaches Young Tritons aged 6 - 13 to feel connected in a world where it's becoming increasingly difficult to be so. 


In this second installment of Young Tritons Running Club, we focus on the power of belonging. We all long to be a part of something, to know we matter. Belonging is critical to human WELL being and we are hopeful the words and activities within this curriculum will help you help your Young Tritons know they belong. You are about to create your Young Triton tribe where everyone belongs. 


Oftentimes kids struggle with even the basics of their first “tribe” - their home. This first experience of belonging becomes the footprint for children as they grow and relate to others. Your Young Tritons will come from many backgrounds and have varied experiences with belonging.  While their connectedness to others and the world around them is a layered development - this curriculum is one way to instill in your Young Tritons a sense of belonging. 


With this curriculum, your team will work towards running a 5k, whether that's a race in your community or one you make yourself at the culmination of your club - this program will give you all you need to help everyone find their own happy pace and discover this finish line is just the beginning of what's possible in life.


This Team Kit Includes: 

  • Coach Handbook With All Workouts, Lessons, and Activities

  • 10 Training Log Packs for your Young Tritons (Includes Full-Color Training Log + Finishers Certificate)  

Young Tritons Running Club Curriculum 2

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