How do we teach boys how to rise up when they have faltered or failed? By teaching them how to develop their resilience, self-kindness, and self-compassion.


Curriculum 3 "Building Resilience - You Can Do IT!" in our series of 3 Young Tritons Running Club programs teaches kids how to be brave when things are hard, how to press through when you just want to give up and how to cultivate resilience to face any obstacle as they pursue dreams and goals in life.


We all struggle sometimes, but those who find the most success and the most emotional health have resilience: the ability to overcome challenges that might derail us otherwise. Whether academic, professional, personal, or social, we will all be met by seemingly impossible obstacles. Being resilient is what allows us to find appropriate and healthy ways to strive for our goals regardless or even as a result of the obstacles. Kids often struggle the first few times they encounter difficulty. The support they get from others, the value of the goal, and its connection to them define how they will react. Simply put, our children need quality relationships and valuable goals with meaning to them. When these elements are present, people develop resilience. 


With this curriculum, your team will work towards running a 5k, whether that's a race in your community or one you make yourself at the culmination of your club - this program will give you all you need to help everyone find their own happy pace and discover this finish line is just the beginning of what's possible in life.


The coaching handbook includes weekly/daily overviews, activities with objectives, workouts to train for a 5k, lessons and tools to teach social-emotion intelligence. 

Young Tritons Curriculum 3 Coach Handbook

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