Throughout all four Mini Mermaid Curriculums, two characters, Mini Mermaid and Siren help drive home lessons for heart, mind, and body strength. 


As your Mini Mermaids learn to listen to their inner voice and use tools to navigate the world where truth and lies often sound the same, they will also learn how to tell the difference between the two voices we often hear, inherent truth (Mini Mermaid) and muddled messages (Siren). 


These two posters are used in all four curriculums for games and serve as a reminder that our inner champion - Mini Mermaid is strong and that we can rely on that inner champion to move us towards our dreams and goals in live. Siren on the other hand, our inner critic is deceptive using fear and or shame to hold us back in life, to keep us small and from trying new things. 


Posters are fully laminated, measure 11.5" x 17", and are blank on the back side. 

Mini Mermaid & Siren Laminated Poster Set

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