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Get started on your Mini Mermaid journey with this complete kit including all you need for a team of 10 Mini Mermaids. 


Curriculum 4 in our series of 4 teaches Mini Mermaids about the power friendships and how to navigate as they change and we change. 


"Choosing Your Tribe" - Building your community. Girls learn the importance of choosing friends wisely. Knowing that peer influence is a leading indicator of decision making, we show the girls how to use the tools they have learned to build the tribe that will help them become the young women they deserve to be. 


With this curriculum, your team will work towards running a 5k, whether that's a race in your community or one you make yourself at the culmination of your club - this program will give you all you need to help everyone find their own happy pace and discover this finish line is just the beginning of what's possible in life.


This Team Kit Includes: 

  • 65 Page Coach Handbook With All Workouts, Lessons, and Activities

  • 10 Journal Packs for your Mini Mermaids (Includes Full Color Journal +  Bracelet Twine Kit + Finishers Certificate) 

  • Mini Mermaid Laminated Poster

  • Siren Laminated Poster


Mini Mermaid Running Club Curriculum 4 Kit

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