Curriculum 3 in our series of 4 teaches Mini Mermaids about the power of their words, how the old saying, "Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me" isn't all that true after all. Words have power and learning how to use them for good takes practice. 


"Writing Your Own Story" - Your words are powerful. Girls use powerful words to stand up for themselves and others. We focus specifically on anti-bullying techniques and tools to live in a world driven by social media. 


With this curriculum, your team will work towards running a 5k, whether that's a race in your community or one you make yourself at the culmination of your club - this program will give you all you need to help everyone find their own happy pace and discover this finish line is just the beginning of what's possible in life.


The coach handbook includes weekly/daily overviews, activities with objectives, workouts to train for a 5k and journal prompts for your Mini Mermaids. 

Mini Mermaid C3 Coach Handbook

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