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WEEK 1 / Head

What we see and hear from media, our friends, our families and our leaders helps shape our minds and can shift the choices we make.


WEEK 2 / Heart

Our emotions influence how we react to situations and how we feel about ourselves, our friends and our families. Learning tools to talk to ourselves the way we would a friend (with compassion) helps us to see clearly where we want to go in life. 


WEEK 3 / Hands

Serving others makes us the women/girls we want to be. Every Mini Mermaid regardless of where she lives creates and implements a community service project with her team. 


WEEK 4 / Belly

Be your own Healthy Hero! Smart choices lead to strong bodies and food is the fuel we need to live the life we want. 


WEEK 5 / Legs

Our legs are our strength, their power gives us the ability to go further than we ever thought possible. We learn that we each have strengths AND weakness, giving us the chance to teach others AND to learn from others. 


WEEK 6 / Feet

Our feet lead us where we want to go and carry us all the way to reach our goals. One step at a time leads us to the finish line and we find out, the finish line is JUST the beginning. 



Throughout our six week program, the girls will learn that we live in a world of duality, and sometimes our greatest struggle as women and girls is to differentiate between the words, messages both internal and external and images that send negative or defeating messages. Our curriculum tells the story of Mini Mermaid and Siren, Mini Mermaid represents our inherent possibility- she is strong and appears simple while depicting our internal strength and ability to navigate life’s twists and turns. Siren represents the muddled confusing messages we get in the world from media, others and then also the internal confusing messages we tell ourselves that often hold us back. Through teaching the principles within the curriculum that include; learning to hear the quiet strong internal voice that wants the best for us, learning how to claim our own worth and value thereby decreasing our willingness to compromise our heart, mind and body, learning to use our words to build others up rather than hold them back and learning to choose friends wisely so that they will help propel us in life. Our curriculum grows strong, balanced, healthy and resilient girls who make the best choices for themselves and their community.


MMRC enables our girls to discover different ways of movement, not just running but rather all sorts of movement coaches are trained on in hopes of helping girls that otherwise might not think they are an athlete find that moving their body actually makes them feel better, think clearer and feel stronger. Through a structured curriculum-based program, MMRC teaches girls the tools they need to live a healthier life. Girls increase in healthy self-awareness while also progressing towards the goal of completing a 5K graduation run. Twice a week, female coaches lead the girls through activities focused on key elements of physical and emotional development.  With a ratio of 10 - 12 participants for every 1-2 coach(es), girls become known personally and are encouraged to embrace challenges while training to run at their individual ability levels. The twelve sessions include teaching time, race training, a game that reiterates the teaching or ties into their 5k training, and writing/coloring time in their own MMRC color journal.


Our curriculum tells the story of Mini Mermaid and Siren, above water, both are very beautiful and look similar. Mini Mermaid represents truth... the things we know in our hearts to be right and true. Siren above water looks similar to Mini Mermaid, however Siren's voice represents lies and disbeliefs. Her voice is often louder making it tempting to listen to the lies over Mini Mermaid's truth.


For young girls it is often easier to hear Siren's voice rather than listen to Mini Mermaid's truth. Deciphering the difference between truth and lies is difficult for all of us. We help the girls identify the two by using opposing images of Mini Mermaid and Siren. Below water, Mini Mermaid has a strong body and long, fast tail to take her where ever she wants to go while Siren is covered in sea urchins, has lobster claws for hands, a snakes tail and gets tangled by her own lies.


Each of our four 6 week curriculum are written around these two characters to help the girls recognize when Siren is playing her tricks and how to hear the truths of Mini Mermaid that live inside each of us.

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