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mini mermaid running club



In addition to funding from grants/foundations and donations to provide our program to girls worldwide, MMRC is proud to have a ONE4ONE model that creates an opportunity for ALL girls  regardless of their financial situation to participate in MMRC. We have three different pay models to ensure the sustainability of our program, schools or communities all fall into one of these categories. (PLEASE NOTE: Regardless of the pay model, NO girl is EVER turned away for lack of funds.)


Schools/Communities with 41% or more of their population at or below the poverty line receive our programming at no cost. These funds come through grant, donations and our One4One.


Schools/Communities with between 30% and 40% of their student population at or below the poverty line, pay $75 per girl. (These funds can come from the girls or through fundraising)


Schools/Communities with 29% or less of its students at or below the poverty line, pay $150 per girl. This $150 fee which we call our One4One model allows for another girl at one of our no cost sites to participate in MMRC.

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