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I am, I am sorrow, I am strength passion, I am failure, I am kind, I am angry, I am love, I am forgiveness,  I am hope, I am gratitude, I am mistakes, I am success, I am curious, I am knowledge, I am faith, I am more than what you sea .



We are more than anyone sees although sometimes we forget & it’s tempting to let some idea of what we are supposed to look like or act like define who we are. We want to change that, we want to help each other remember how rich and wild and wonderful we are. We are all more than anyone sees and what is beyond the surface is magical. 


I Am More was born out of our work with Mini Mermaids when we wrote our first Mini Mermaid curriculum for girls, we knew we were writing to their future selves - to help them understand early on; they are strong no matter what their circumstances. We found working with (and being) women that we are all still battling with the stories from our younger years along with some new juicy ones we’ve picked up along the way. Siren (our inner critic) is often louder and more alluring than Mermaid (our brave inner voice), we need tools to make peace with Siren so we can make room for our voice of bravery, courage, and strength - our Inner Mermaid. Our Mermaid voice reminds of what we know to be true about ourselves right alongside our wild, beautiful, messy stories.  


Whether you join our six-week online course or attend in person, we want you to uncover, reawaken, and get to know the strong inner voice that is excited about your future, wants the best for you and will guide you on the path to chase your dreams and goals. You’ll learn tools to take into your life and know how to re-center and focus no matter what your facing in your day as well as discover you have more control over your heart, mind, and body than you may realize. 


It is hard with all the competing requirements every day to take time for ourselves. Here is your chance, just for you so that you can learn to recognize your own inner voice of courage and strength above the cacophony of your inner critic. What are you waiting for? Join us.

 More time for you. more time to hear your heart, and your passion. More time for movement. more time to give back to you so you can be reCHARGED and ready to go boldly into your one beautiful life. 

I Am More Offerings


I Am More Than What You Sea 2019 Offerings

 I Am More Than What You Sea 

- Women's* One Day / Workshop - Retreat Santa Cruz, CA 

 May 11th, 2019 

Click to REGISTER:

*13 yrs and over 



This full day (9 - 5 pm) retreat is designed JUST for you. Too often, our worlds and all the hats wear in it ask so much of us. We want to SHOW up boldly and fully for others, but sometimes, our tanks are dry, our hearts and our passion are....well, they are TIRED. And so are our bodies. Join us for a full day to unplug, to move in ways that are healing and nourishing and to break open the doors to your heart so you can remember what you KNOW to be true. You'll walk away refreshed, with tools to navigate every day and a renewed connection to yourself.'ll be right alongside some pretty amazing Mermaids who will make you laugh, might make you cry and will for sure make you feel welcome.


What's Included?


Guided Meditation: All you need to do is breathe. Inhale...exhale. Inhale...exhale. Inhale…..exhale. 


For newbies or long-time sit-stiller's, meditation allows us to stop and see our feelings without judging them or ourselves. It takes practice to be able to sit and learn how to quiet the BUZZZZZZ of our very busy brains. Meditation is one step in connecting with our true self and helping us silence our inner critic (aka Siren). 


Yoga-Mer session: Our bodies are in constant transformation. Go with the flow and feel your strength, head to toe.


Whether you’re new to yoga or have been bending for a lifetime - yoga has a unique way of bringing out internal conversations about our capabilities; Siren* can be really loud as we stretch to reach our toes. Through a yoga flow, we will learn how to be JUST where we are, not judging ourselves...just bending and letting go. We will listen for the Mermaid voice of deep wisdom and pure joy. Working to balance, fold, lift, and flow then letting it all go. Wherever you are in life and in your practice we will all find this deep inner flow together.   


Running Techniques for EVERY Type of Runner. 


We will talk about posture, finding your own happy pace, and how to quiet the voices of discouragement that seem to show up so often and wake up our inner strength to keep us motivated and moving, no matter what. 


Workshop With Heidi Boynton


Often, we think we are the only one...the only one who questions, second-guesses, feels unworthy or incapable. We are more alike than we know AND we have more strength inside of us than we realize. Unpacking some of the myths of what is REAL (Mermaid) and what is NOT (Siren), we will learn how to wake up that strong inner Mermaid voice and make peace with Siren, our inner critic. From learning The Reset to Finding Your Inner Mermaid - we will discover how we want to feel in life and how to get ourselves there.  Each workshop has a unique focus, no matter how many times you join us, you'll discover new things about yourself and walk away with tools to incorporate into your life.  


Small Group Breakout Sessions To Be Announced


From intro to HIT workouts, to injury prevention, to goal setting, to running clinics, we are designing a special day filled with options on how you spend it. We will announce our optional break out sessions SOON! 


Snacks, lunch and *Happy Hour included

*for those 21 and up :)

When is it? 

Women's Day Retreat - Quail Hollow Park Santa Cruz, CA: 

Saturday, May 11th, 2019, 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM 


What's it cost? 

 $150 PLUS By One Get One FREE for your BFF.

When you register, send an email to with your first and last name and Heidi will email you a code for a free entry! 





 Six-week online course with Heidi - Registration is closed. 

Next Session TBA May 2019 


Online Course
Women's Day Retreat


To Register Click on an event:




Women's Day Retreat - Quail Hollow Park Santa Cruz, CA: 

Saturday, May 11th, 2019, 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM 

Six-Week Online Course with Heidi Boynton: 

Next session to be announced May 2019   




Women's Day Retreat - Santa Cruz:

April 15th $145 PLUS By One Get One FREE for your BFF. Through Sunday, April 21st Midnight. 

When you register, send an email to with your first and last name and Heidi will email you a code for a free entry! 

Six-Week Online Course with Heidi Boynton:

 $150.00 must register by January 7th 

Limited to 25 participants will close when full 




100% the profits Benefit Mini Mermaid Running Club

Whether you're 9 or 109 - you deserve to know you matter and a worthy of reaching your goals in dreams in life. This workshop's fees will fuel future generations of girls to know they are more than anyone sees. We give over 2000 scholarships per year to girls across the country in our poorest communities You get an awesome day, and a girl gets six weeks of love and investment in her life = this is a win-win. 


Heidi Boynton / Keynote Speaker

On my 30th birthday, I decided to stop being afraid. Afraid of water, afraid of challenges, afraid of opinions, afraid of uncertainty, afraid of not knowing the right answer, I was afraid of it all and wanted to stop. As a mother of two young boys, I could feel my fear leading my life in many ways and for some reason, when I turned 30 - I decided to do what I could to stop. Since that day - 17 years ago life has been one wild and unpredictable ride. I am grateful for all I’ve seen and done and shake my head at my missteps along the way. For over ten years, I have coached women from all walks of life to try something new and discover they are more than what people see or think. I’ve led open water swim clinics, bike clinics, running clinics and coached hundreds of women over the years and guess what I’ve learned? We are a little scared of something; fear is the jumping point - our brave shows up when we tell fear to be quiet, and then we jump. I live in Santa Cruz and do my best to live life fully - every single day. Heidi Boynton, Co-Founder/Executive Director Mini Mermaid Running Club, Co-Founder Finding Sophia 


Trish Ward / Meditation

After struggling through a few (many actually) crazy years and experiencing pretty much the full gamut of hard times, I needed a way to combat the stress and emotional turmoil that everyday life in its extensive wisdom can bring. I turned to Meditation as a somewhat last ditch effort for help. Being a pessimist, I didn't really believe the benefits of meditation I had heard about from so many sources. And, being a person who can't focus for more than 30 seconds at a time, I believed it would be impossible for me to concentrate. I was very wrong. I have learned there is no such thing as a bad meditation. We can gain a benefit every time.  I wish I could help every person I meet discover their relationship with meditation.  That's what it is, a relationship. There is no right or wrong way. I believe there is Your way. And then THAT becomes the right way. No experience is required, just a slightly open mind that is interested in living a calmer, more peaceful life. And also connecting with parts of your spirit that were hiding a little. Trish lives and works in Santa Cruz California, is Co-Founder of Finding Sophia.



Kayla Copeland / Yoga

Growing Up Yogini - Teaching yoga for nearly four years and practicing since a 14-year-old (circa 2004), Kayla has grown up immersed in the yoga world. Through this, 'growing up yogini,' she's found great peace in having a steady practice that she can return to no matter what is happening in the outside world. 

'I truly believe that when we take the time to sit and quiet down and listen, obstacles on the 'outside' and on the inside really begin to quiet down as well and we can truly begin to inhabit the inherent peace within - that we all possess.' -Kayla Tahani Copeland

Kayla has taught at Montessori preschools with children teaching mindfulness and overall skills of life. She has taught children's yoga in schools and at Pleasure Point Yoga in Santa Cruz, Ca and is so inspired by these little beings. 

Now, Kayla teaches full time and manages at Pleasure Point Yoga in Santa Cruz (teaching mostly adults) and could not be happier to be living her dream as a yoga instructor. 'Everyone needs this stuff (yoga). It's food for the soul.' -KC

Kayla has had so many role models and teachers to look up to along the way, the amount of gratitude she has for all of her teachers and teacher's teachers is infinite. Now, she is excited and feels truly blessed and humbled to be able to give back to her community through yoga and to make a difference in the young lives of our next generation and those to come. 




Some answers are general and some are specific to an event location :)


Q. What should I wear?

Whatever you can move in and you feel comfortable in! We will be doing lots of bending and moving so keep it stretchy :). Comfortable shoes, maybe flip-flops and sneakers and LAYERS! 


Q. We want to make it a weekend,
where do you recommend we stay?

Santa Cruz:

Hilton Scotts Valley

Dream Inn


Q. What do I need to bring?


Water bottle to refill, beach chair for chilling in, running/walking shoes, yoga mat, towel or small blanket, sandals, sunscreen.

Q. Is parking available?

Yes, parking is available.


Q. I want to be a vendor at your event, how do I do that? 


Q. Is there an age limit for the workshop?

The I Am More Than What You Sea Women's Workshops are 13 years and over events. Don't forget to bring your ID if you are planning on enjoying the Happy Hour.


Q. I noticed there will be "group time" - will I have to share?

Yes - you must share your deepest, darkest secrets. Just kidding - during group time, you will have the chance to share your thoughts, but this isn’t required.


Q. If there a part of the workshop that I don’t want to participate in,
can I sit out?

We won’t make you participate in any part of the workshop that you don’t want to participate in. If at any point you feel uncomfortable, please feel free to take a break and sit out. There is plenty of space to wander and take in the beauty. 


Q. Do I have to run during the Mindful Movement portion of the day?

Nope - this is a purposeful exercise to practice meditation while walking. 


Q. But I want to run and get some miles in! 

That's GREAT - join us for an early morning run on Saturday to get the day started. We will send out details early on so you know what time to meet up - we will plan on running/jogging approximately 3.1 miles (a 5k). 


Q. Will the workshop still happen if it rains the day of? 

The workshop will go on even if it rains. Bad weather won’t stop our fun!


Q. Will there be food?

Women's Day Retreats, there will be lunch and snacks throughout the day for participants.


Q. Will there be restrooms available?

Yes, there are restrooms available. 


Q. Do you issue refunds? 

Online Course: For a full refund (minus fees), notify us by January 1st. For a 50% refund (minus fees), notify us by January 5th. After January 5th, refunds are not available.


Women's Day Retreat - Santa Cruz: For a full refund (minus fees), notify us by March 30th. For a 50% refund (minus fees), notify us by April 20th. After April 20th, refunds are not available.



You may transfer your registration to a friend, family member, etc. at any time. Please email if you wish to refund or transfer your registration for the workshop.


Feel free to Email us if you have any other questions.






'Honestly, I loved the whole day....Yoga was great to see what I could do! Meditation - This was cool too because I have not been very successful at this in the past. The second meditation I need to try again because, I struggled here. Hearing Heidi talk is always fantastic and such great tidbits of knowledge! And I really liked the run! Food was AMAZING! And talking with others was super too! I needed this in soooo many ways!" - Lisa


"I loved being welcomed with open arms. Feeling connected with EVERYONE and being able to "disconnect" from the outside. Being able to silence my "siren" for once!" - Chris


"Love the location, meditation and spending the day with my daughter!" - Maria 



"The meditation was awesome. Not only was it a great meditation, I enjoyed hearing that even Trish started out slow and experimented to find what worked for her. It made me feel less "sireny" about my own bumpy journey :)" - Sarah 



"I loved the empowerment I felt just being with a group of women from all walks of life. I felt very comfortable and important all throughout the day mainly because of the attention of the instructors" - Rene 


"The meditation leading into the yoga was great. I think the combination of both together allowed me to clear my mind completely for the first time in I don't even know how long." Carla 



"Observing and listening to other women's POV and experience going through the workshop was enlightening. In the fitness and fitness business industries we do a lot of the same or similar exercises on an ongoing basis to keep our sanity in a fast-paced and ever-changing industry, but it was definitely great to listen to an entirely "different" (as in all women, general population, all walks of life) group and how they interpret and apply strategies and tools to their personal sticking points in their lives." - Lena 



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