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This is for you! 

Want to get your WHOLE family engaged in what your Mini Mermaid or Young Tritons is learning? Be sure to read the take home sheets your kiddo came home with and watch the videos below from Dr. Nick and Clare of Inside Out Health

Week 1


Clare and Dr. Nick from Inside Out Health make awesome race goals. Have you and your family talked about race day and how you'll all get ready? 

Week 2


Click below to see Clare and Dr. Nick duke it out at cornhole, may the greatest positive thinker win! Who's your bet on? 

Week 3

Check out this week's video and see where Clare and Dr. Nick like to recharge their batteries and how you can too! 

Week 4

See Clare and Dr. NIck make a run to the grocery store and highlight healthy food options that won't break the bank!

Week 5


Dr. Nick and Clare compete in a sprint - find out what they're getting betting and who will take the prize.

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