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mini mermaid running club


"I believe Del Mar’s after school Mini Mermaid Running Club was paramount in helping our girls believe in themselves, pushing them to be more fit, and giving them a well rounded view of how exercise, nutritious food, friendship and fun can contribute to improving their quality of life. Their experiences will positively impact them and their families for a long time."  

-Pam Randall  Retired Principal, Del Mar Elementary



"With the current state of lack of appropriate funding in the state of California for extra curricular activites in the public schools, having Mini-Mermaids as an after school option enhances student experiences and serves to invite parent involvement and participation."

-Marilyn Rockey, Principal Del Mar Elementary



"The experience was deeply moving for me both as a teacher and as a mom. I was filled with pride for my daughter, my students and her friends watching them push through exhaustion and pain to accomplish something most of them probably couldn’t have even imagined doing when they started this program. It was especially gratifying to watch them meet this challenge as a group, their energy and enthusiasm sustained by their relationships with each other and the adults who care about them."  

-Arin Hunt, Teacher @ Del Mar and parent of
a Mini Mermaid


My daughter and I have been participating in Mermaid races together for a year and a half.  We started running together because the Mini Mermaid Running Club was offered at her elementary school.  Since starting Mermaids, my 9 year old daughter has completed three 5K races and a 3K race.  She has set goals for herself for each race and has been able to accomplish those goals.  Running and training together has been a bonding experience for us.  I see her confidence and competence in her physical abilities increasing as she continues to run and build her strength.  Participating in the Mini-Mermaid Running Club has also allowed her to show her compassion for fellow female athletes.  The Mini-Mermaid Running Club has provided us with a positive way to spend time together and it is a source of education about keeping fit, eating right and obtaining high self-esteem.  We love being Mermaids!

-Sube Robertson, parent of a Mini Mermaid



"Thank you Mini Mermaid Team for Creating such Positive and Uplifting Events and Experiences for our Girls. You all Rock!"

-Lana Sv, parent of a Mini Mermaid



Working with Mini Mermaids as a teacher and coach over the past two years has been amazing.  I have seen growth in my current and past students in their athletic abilities, nutritional awareness, confidence, and interpersonal relationships.  The girls work hard and make a lot of progress and the reward is not only for them, but also for the adults who work with them.

-Liz Fohs, 2nd grade teacher and coach


Coaching for the Mini Mermaid program has truly been an amazing experience!  Not only do I get to work and coach with an amazing group of women but I get to influence and support adolescent girls as they struggle to fit in in today's world. Exercise and sports have always been a part of my life and I feel so lucky that I get to pass on my experiences to these young ladies.  Growing up I had  struggled with weight issues and fitting in yet I always tried to stay positive, but understand that it can be really difficult and depressing at times.  There is so much pressure on our youth today that I feel a lot of them struggle to fit in and find who they really are. The Mini Mermaid program has not only given me the opportunity to help today's female youth and to be a positive role model for them, it has also taught me a lot about myself.  I feel very fortunate to be a part of this program and I hope to see it expand across the world!

-Allie Lovell, mmrc coach

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