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Mini Mermaids in the news: 2016


Mini Mermaids an 'accidentally awesome' Program with Purpose
When Heidi Boynton founded the Mini Mermaid Running Club in 2010, she did so with the goal of improving the lives of 10 girls at Del Mar Elementary in her hometown of Santa Cruz, California. Six years later, the MMRC has programs in 14 states and eight countries, with plans for further expansion. (more at
She beat cancer, then sprearheaded a Run Club for Young Girls

Heidi Boynton is a cancer survivor who initially started running as a way to get out of the house after the birth of her oldest son. (more at Women's Running Magazine)


Business Owner Voices: Heidi Boynton, Mini Mermaid Running Club

The Mini Mermaid Running Club is a national organization aimed at improving fitness and self-esteem for girls. Founder Heidi Boynton says she started the club, “So every girl could put on a pair of shoes and find the joy of running. (more at


The Ultimate Guide to Business Credit Cards

Heidi Boynton, founder of The Mini Mermaid Running Club, an afterschool running and self-development program for girls, and recent recipient of the Toyota Everyday Heroes Award, uses a credit card to pay for everyday business purchases. (more at


Sisters are Doing It For Themselves

In another Stateside story, American coach Heidi Boynton tells us how she has taught thousands of young girls to run without worrying about what they can achieve; instead just getting out there and crossing the line, helping friends along the way. (more at


The Experts Pick the Best Running Shoes of All Time

Heidi Boynton, Head Coach/Founder of Team Mermaid, has been running since the early 90s, but she had a hard time finding her perfect shoes.(more at


The 5 Most Important Reasons Your Kids Should Become Runners

One great way for kids to run in groups is for them to join one of the many great kids’ running programs around the country. (more at


Small or Large, Running Groups Take Charge

While I missed out on joining running club, what I do hear time and again is that they have a tremendous ability to create an empowering community, no matter your level or interests. (more at


Finding their Inner Mermaid

New Ashland club aims to teach girls about fitness, self-esteem (more at

Newington Green Primary School students blowing off steam thanks to after-school club

Khara Mills, who lives in Newington Green herself, runs after-school running club Mini Mermaid to give a group of girls a platform to talk about their emotions. (more at










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