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Mini Mermaids in the news: 2015


Heidi Boynton, Co-Founder & Executive Director of Mini Mermaid Running Club, was honored as a Toyota Everyday Hero at the espnW: Women + Sports Conference

Launched at the 2013 espnW: Women + Sports Summit, the Toyota Everyday Heroes program honors women who are working to promote and grow sports for girls and women in their local communities. (more at ESPNW)


Mermaid-themed running club encourages girls to swim upstream

Heidi Boynton jogged onto the blacktop of Bell Avenue Elementary School on Tuesday and was attacked by a gaggle of fourth-grade girls. The students, all in yellow T-shirts and big smiles, had never met Boynton. But they knew that she was someone important – the founder of the club that gave them a reason to run. (more at the Sacramento Bee)


Santa Cruz Mini Mermaid Co-founder racing to raise funds

One tiny elementary school girl’s advice to Heidi Boynton on her eight-day running journey was simple: Be brave and be strong. (more at Santa Cruz Sentinel)


Santa Cruz Mother, Cancer Survivor, Running 8 Half Marathons in 9 Days

There are challenges in life we choose to take upon ourselves. And then there are the challenges life chooses for us. Heidi Boynton has lived a life filled with both. And she wouldn't have it any other way. (more at







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